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Your Go To Guide About Laptop Display Centers

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

As laptop makers come out with slimmer sleeker designs by the year, the possibility of inadvertent damage also increases and one of the most regular victims is the laptop screen or LCD. How often do you hear someone say they want to get rid of their old computer or laptop? If you’re thinking about upgrading your current laptop, it’s important to consider whether you really need a new device. Sometimes, you might upgrade your existing system without replacing it entirely.

Your laptop or desktop computer is probably the single most valuable piece of equipment you own. The average person spends over 25,000 per year on computers alone. It’s time to consider how long you plan to keep your current computer. There are several ways to extend the life of your laptop or desktop computer. One way is to install a high-quality screen protector. This simple step can prevent scratches and other damage to your LCD panel. Another option is to invest in a good keyboard cover. These covers can also protect your keys from wear and tear. Finally, you should always clean out your laptop or desktop regularly. Dust buildup can cause problems such as overheating and reduced performance. One of the most common problems users face is repairs to the laptop screen and hence, there is a great demand for laptop display repair centers.

What are some of the common laptop screen problems?

1. Screen burn-out

This occurs when the display becomes too hot to touch. This can happen if the computer is left on for long periods of time, or if the computer is not cooled properly.

2. Cracked screens

A cracked screen is caused by a sudden impact that causes the glass to crack. If this happens while the computer is turned off, then the damage is permanent.

3. Corrosion

Corrosion is a gradual deterioration of metal because of exposure to moisture or other chemicals. This problem is often seen on older laptops, where the plastic casing has become brittle.

You can find out if your laptop is faulty by connecting your laptop to a working, external monitor and observing if the issues mentioned above persist, you’ll know if the problem is with the screen or with other components in your laptop, such as the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). You can nearly be certain that your screen/LCD is malfunctioning if the external monitor works well. Laptop display faults are repaired and serviced by Lapserve for all major brands, including Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Asus, Samsung, and Apple. The extra benefit of Lapserve is that our repair services are covered by a 6-month guarantee across all centres, and all spares are covered by a 12-month warranty. Not only that, but we also provide:

● a 24-hour turnaround service at our

● Our laptop display repair centre offers a free pickup and drop-off service

● A service warranty is 6 months, and the accessories warranty is 12 months.

● Customer rewards can be claimed at any of our locations.

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