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RAM Upgrade Services
Boost your Laptop Speed >45%

Need for Speed!
Increase your productivity & save time

RAM Upgrade services in Bangalore

Our more than a decade-plus of experience in boosting the speed of laptops with professional laptop RAM Upgrade service makes us the go-to laptop service centre in Bengaluru & and Mysuru.

The vast experience of our technicians and exposure to every possible laptop series and brand will ensure that your laptop gets the best RAM upgrade without any hassles. We guarantee that your laptop speed will 
What’s more, 6-month warranty on your laptop service, along with the standard warranty (normally 12 months) of the brand.

The cost of Laptop RAM upgrade services in Bangalore purely depends on what you choose from the following,

  1. Capacity - 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, & 32GB

  2. Technology - DDR3, DDR4, & DDR5

  3. Brand – Corsair, Kingston, G. SKILL, Transcend, IBM, ADATA, Crucial, EVM and others

To know, talk to our technicians or fill out the form below,

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